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Monday, April 24, 2017

Transcript of HalaScan



Zkea Samsi

 on 18 November 2016

Halal Brand Rating Apps based on Halal Brand Personality Dimensions
Novelty &
1. The development of Halal Brand Personality Dimensions.

2. Mobile Apps for collecting index data through crowdsourcing.

& Usefulness
A user-friendly application that enable users to retrieve and provide brand’s Halal index data. It assists Muslim consumers to make purchasing decision based on the product rating.
Status of the
The IP and copyright were registered with the university research centre and the product is available in Play Store.

Customers can download and rate the products that they use everyday.

to the Community
Provides confidence towards of the Halal brands, reliable reference to verify the quality of the Halal brands, effective brand marketing for manufacturers and support mobile commerce.
Project by:
Siti Zakiah Bt. Melatu Samsi - MMU
Liew Tze Hui - MMU
Dr. Muhammad Fazil Ahmad - UNISZA
& Functions

HalaScan is a Smartphone application that enable users to:
1. Rate Halal products based on developed Halal Brand Personality Dimensions.
2. Retrieve Halal Brand Index that for better puchasing decison.

1. To develop a branding index that satisfies Halal requirements.
2. To develop an application that enable relevant parties to participate and provide data for Halal Brand Index.
Barcode scanner
Brand Ratings
Halal Jakim
Scan product to access product information
and view the product rating.
Consumers, Manufacturers and Halal Branding Index Committee rate Halal products.
Linked to Halal Verified Engine (HVE) that provides Halal CertificationInformation.
Linked to Halal Malaysia Official Portal
to assist customers in checking Halal Status
of the product through the portal.
Manufacturers - to get their brand rated by consumers and get high index.
Consumers - need source of reference to check brand index i.e. Product quality.
Sellers - marketing avenue for Halal products, mobile commerce. 

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